The Aeroclub Ineu was founded 2016 by a group of local flying enthusiasts. Our main interest was to build up a community of all the pilots flying at Ineu and to get some new people into our beautiful sport. Airsports seemed to be generally underpromoted in the west part of Romania. As a club we try to carry out all kinds of flying activities. Flying in an airclub like ours makes flying more affordable for the members. Costs for airfield operation, maintenance, insurances, etc. are covered by the membership fee and the rates for flying. Most of the working tasks are done by club members. Like this all our members can, e.g. enjoy a various number of good gliders (single- and doubleseaters), with a high availability and on a much lower yearly investment than having an own glider.

Learn a bit more about the activities that we do locally.

Gliders waiting for their aerotow


The Aeroclub Ineu is one of only a few private gliding clubs in Romania. Our members perform distance flights as well as leisure flights or sometimes aerobatics. The Aerodrom at Ineu is a perfect place to take off for distance and sightseeing flights in western Romania and the Apuseni mountains.

In cooperation with ALB Aviation Training we can also do training for the glider licence in the club.

At the moment we have a Rallye Minerva for towing and a decent number of nice gliders are waiting to be flown by our members.

We are always looking forward to welcome some new members in our club, just get in contact with us!

Formation flight on a trip over Germany

Engine powered flight

Our members also fly aircraft, ultralight and motorgliders. We make local leisure flights, take passengers, tow up gliders or, sometimes, we also drop skydivers. A highlight for every pilot are longer flights, such as trips to the coast, around the country or all over Europe. We make such flights a few times a year.

Our members can use the Rallye Minerva of the club or one of the Cessna’s of the school for flying.

Some of our members took the chance to build up hours for free towards their CPL or ATPL in a relaxed club atmosphere by towing gliders or taking passengers for a flight.

4,30m model of an ASH 26E owned by one of our members

RC model flying

Sometimes, if there is no other traffic around, we are also flying with model aircraft on our airfield. It’s a nice leisure activity beside flying and a good start for young people into aviation. As we keep the grass on the airfield as short as possible, we also have a nice runway for our model airplanes. As a backup there is also the nearby golf course available for takeoff and landing 😉