*** Under construction ***

Our campground is supposed to be ready during 2022 season.

The campground is located next to the hangar and the clubhouse. Hidden behind some bushes it’s not visible from the road and a rather quiet place. We have plenty of space for campers and tents. If you wish you can also stay beside your aircraft. Toilet and shower is available in the clubhouse as well as a kitchen and dining&living room.


Our clubhouse in the evening

Our clubhouse is supposed to be ready for 2022 season.

Our clubhouse has two bedrooms available for guests. Beside a toilet and shower, a kitchen and dining&living room is also located in the house and free to use.

Bungalows at Kings Land Resort

The bungalows at the Kings Land Resort

The bungalows are provided by the Kings Land Country Club.

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Oradea City

There are plenty more accommodation possibilities available in the city of Oradea.

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