Flying experience

Our pilots are happy to take you in one of the planes and gliders that are used by the club.
The flights are not commercial, we just share our real expenses with you like we want to share the passion for our sport. Like this we can keep it affordable for you and for us. These flights help us to keep our pilots in training and to keep the airplane for our sports activity.

Our pilots can take you to different trips over Oradea and the area, either in an airplane, ultralight, motorglider or glider. Most common is a short flight over the city and Baile Felix or a longer trip into the Apuseni mountains and VF Bihorul Mare.

For possible dates, details and prices, please contact us.

To give you an idea about such an experience, just take a look at the pictures below.

Team building

Flying, especially gliding, is a real team sport. This is why we have some exceptional offer for you. If you want to do some extraordinary team building with your team or company, we propose you a day of gliding.

The day will start with a short briefing with our instructors. They will explain everything about safety, procedures and how you fly a glider.
After this short introduction, the glider and towplane will be taken out of the hangar and prepared for the day.
A glider can’t take off without a ground crew, therefor everybody needs to help each other. The glider needs to be pushed by hand to the take-off position for every flight, the pilots will need some help to enter the cockpit, the tow cable needs to be hooked into the glider and the wing needs to be leveled for take-off. Also the towplane needs to be refuelled from time to time or the pilots and instructors are looking for some cold drink in their glider or airplane. Just if everybody is working for the same target everybody will experience the joy up in the air.
All the group will do a flight of a duration of 15-30 min in the doubleseater glider. Together with our instructors everybody will get the chance to take over the controls and get an impression how it feels to control a glider in the air. Once back on the ground the team is already waiting for you to prepare the glider for the next flight.
After everybody is done with flying the towplane and glider needs to be cleaned carefully and put back into the hangar.
When the doors are closed, it’s time to end the day, probably with a cold beer and some barbecue.

Give it a try with your company and contact us!