Other pilots are very welcome at our airfield, no matter what you are flying!

For visiting glider pilots we have a separate section with information, check it out here.

If you approach the airfield with your airplane, ultralight or helicopter, please take a look at the airfield information first.

Ineu is a good place for a visit. For a private airfield we have a great infrastructure which is still developing. Beside the restaurant, fishing lakes, golf course, etc. of the Kings Land Resort, what makes us an excellent destination for a day trip, we also have several facilities on the airfield.
Our Avgas 100LL fuel station is usually the place where you get the cheapest fuel in all Romania. For a stay overnight we have tie downs and, on request, also hangar spaces, both with video surveillance. Another hangar, a camping area and a clubhouse with sleeping possibilities is under construction and should be ready for 2022 season.

Are you planning a trip through Romania?

We can help you out with advices, information, contacts, useful hints and some secrets. As most of the airfields in Romania are not published, there are many more places to visit then you may think. Useful for planning is also the list of airfield from Fly Romania.

Airfield map by Fly Romania