You are very welcome to pay a visit to our airfield.

We fly nearly every day, but especially on weekends there is always somebody around on the ground to answer your questions or show you around a bit.
The pilots from our club can take you also for a flight, learn more about it here.
We are sure that you will enjoy a visit to our airfield, nevertheless there are some rules to follow on an airfield, otherwise it can get dangerous very fast.
So please:

Don’t touch airplanes or even climb on them!
Airplanes and gliders maybe look solid, but they can be damaged quite fast. It’s not just about an expensive repair, it’s also about the safety of the pilots if such a damage is not reported and not detected before the next flight.

Stay outside of the runway!
We are flying also gliders on our airfield. As you know, gliders have no engine and therefor just one attempt to land. If you drive, walk or sit on the runway it will get dangerous for you and for the pilot. Gliders don’t make noise, so you will hear them just in the last moment.
Therefore, we kindly ask you:
If you like to come from the restaurant to the hangar, please walk on the side of the runway and one after another. If possible give us a call before and we can give instructions or pick you up.

Don’t smoke near airplanes or the fuel station
Aviation fuel is highly explosive, there is not much more to say…

If you like to visit the airfield with a group, no problem! Just get in contact with us and we can arrange a visit to show you around.

Flying, especially gliding is a team sport. If you want to do some exceptional team building with your company, we propose you a day of gliding. Read more about it here.