Guest pilots are very welcome at Ineu, no matter if you are a single person, a group or a whole airclub!

We always love to share our passion of flying with other pilots from all over the world. Romania is still a place where gliding is not as developed as for example in most western European countries, so we are still happy to learn from our guests. No matter if you want to take your own glider or if you like to rent a glider from our club, Ineu will be the place for a nice holiday or training camp.

We are flying all over the year, but to make sure that a tow pilot is available and the airfield is well prepared, we would like to know when you are coming, so:


Closer information about flying and especially gliding in Romania can be found below. Databases, links and other documents can be found in the “Downloads” section.

Besides the tows and accommodation we charge only a small fee for airfield usage. This fee, basically a short term membership for one year, is used to maintain the airfield and other infrastructure. We want to keep the prices as low as possible to get also young people flying here in Romania and we want to make it a good alternative to gliding holidays in the Alps, France or Spain!


Planning of the holiday

It is mandatory to send us a notice before you come to Ineu for flying, either via E-Mail or our guest pilot registration. With this information we will try to get everything organised to get you in the air every day.

Your way to Ineu

Make sure you are navigating to Ineu (Bihor) close to Oradea! There is another Ineu in western Romania, located in Arad county, about 100km away from where we are.

Entry to the airfield

The entry to the airfield is located on the hangar side, so please make sure you will enter from there. If you are not sure, take a look on google maps, you will find a map also here.


You will find several accommodation possibilities here.


Romania is also part of EASA, so  your SPL is valid here. If you hold a third country licence, please contact us for possible validation.

Database for GPS devices

We try to provide always a current a database for your GPS system with waypoints, airfields and outlanding fields. Also the airspace file is updated frequently. You will find the latest files in our download section.


Romania is part of the hungarian map of Topmeteo.

RASP Forecast for Romania

Radar Picture Romania


We have a IS-28 B2, Discus b, Ka 6BR-Pe and a Morane MS 894A for rent. They are all operated by the Aeroclub Ineu. Just ask us for prices and availability.



You will find more information about airspace and ATC procedures in Romania here.


Currently we have a 220HP Rallye Minerva available for launching at Ineu. If you come as a group and you have tow pilots with you, you are welcome to fly the tug also on your own as our personal is still limited.

The normal release area is north of the airfield over the hills. If you want to fly bigger tasks it could be useful to start more towards the hills in the east of the airfield. Tileagd and Alesd are the most common starting points. If you want to be towed there or somewhere else, just advise our tow pilot before takeoff.


The mountain’s and flatland is working well in Romania. This makes it a good place for beginners and experienced pilots as well. You can just choose in what kind of terrain you feel yourself comfortable.

Except of the airspaces and outlanding possibilities there is nothing else you have to think about flying here.
When coming back to the airfield, blind calls are appreciated to create situational awareness for the other aircraft around.

Inflight Safety

Romania has huge untouched areas, so also the mobile phone network is not established all over the country. For this reason it could be useful to take a SPOT or other personal tracking and locating device and also a first aid kit. Please give the Tracking-Link, if available, also to the airfield administrators.


Outlandings in Romania are not a huge problem, just the retrieve could take a bit longer. The fields are small but if you look carefully, you can find a good place in most of the areas. But be careful, there are some areas without known outlanding places!

We are working on an outlanding database to make flying in Romania safer and more enjoyable. If you find a good spot, please contact Patrick to put it into the database! The database existing now has some unchecked fields, so please be careful and read the notes for every field.

Please contact also the airfield administrator always when you have landed out, because we have to contact the ATC to close your flight plan.

Aerotow retrieves can be made just from airfields and not from outlanding fields like in some other East European countries.

On the airfield and around

Ground Operations

We ask you to limit the use of your private car on the airfield to a minimum. Please enter the runway only after a check of the approach sector and traffic around. Radio monitoring, if available, is appreciated. We are an uncontrolled open airfield, traffic can approach anytime.

Hangar parking

We can not provide space in the hangar every time because most of the hangar space is rented out. But if you contact us early we try to make it possible that you can keep your glider or airplane in one of our hangars.

Water ballast

We have some places to fill water directly into your glider. They are located around the hangar.


Avgas 100LL is available on our fuel station. Mogas and Oil is available on request.

Spare parts / Workshop

We have a small number of basic spare parts and repair material available as well as some tools and a workbench in our hangar.


We have WIFI around the hangar for your briefing, de-briefing and other things.

After Landing Beer

As a reminder, Romania has a 0,0‰ limit on the roads.