There are plenty things to do beside flying here in Romania.

Please give us some time to get some more ideas together what you can do on non-flying days or what your family can do when you are in the air.

Here are some first, already tested, ideas for you:

Start a flying licence

On final at Satu Mare airport

Our local flight school, ALB Aviation Training, offers many training opportunities. No matter if you like to do a basic aerobatic rating for gliders on days without thermals, get your TMG privileges or a PPL(A), you can do the training during your stay at Ineu. Also your family members can fly during your holiday, all our club gliders are part of the DTO and can be used after a check flight, also as flight student.

Oradea City

Oradea city hall

Oradea has a nice, old city center with many small shops, cafés and restaurants. A perfect place for an evening walk or to spend a non flying day. During summer there are some events on the main square, like concerts or public viewing. Don’t miss one of those events in this special atmosphere.

Relaxing day around the airfield

Our airfield and surrounding

Around the airfield there are also some things to do. With the lakes and hills in the area there is always a way to relax and spend the day, e.g. with biking or fishing.

Baile Felix

Baile Felix from above

The thermal water area around Baile Felix is not only known in Romania. A various number or nice SPA hotels and swimming pools are located in this rather small village right next to Oradea.


Transfăgărășan from the top

The Transfăgărășan is one of the most spectacular mountain roads of the world. It’s in the middle of the Făgărăș mountain range, about 425km from our airfield. On the way to the road you pass some cities who are also worth a visit, e.g. Cluj-Napocha or Sibiu.


Transalpina towards the south

The Transalpina is not as spectacular as the Transfăgărășan, but many people who visited both roads said it’s the more beautiful one. It starts “only” 250km away from our airfield and crosses the South Carpathian mountains in its widest area.

Apuseni mountains

Hiking in Apuseni mountains

The Apuseni mountains, or the “Western Carpathians” are starting right next to our airfield. There are beautiful areas to go hiking or mountain biking. Just be aware of the bears 😉


Budapest sunset

There is not much more to say about Budapest. It’s the closest metropol region to our airfield and a beautiful city. Budapest is also a good spot to visit on the way to our from our airfield.