These are the airplanes and gliders that can all be used by our members!
All over Eastern Europe we are one of only a very few clubs who can offer their members a fleet of so many nice gliders.

Our gliders

IS-28 B2

Callsign: D-5397 “IB”
Year of Construction: 1988
Seats: Pilot + Copilot
Wingspan: 17,00m
Glide Ratio: 1:34
Owner: Owner Syndicate of members
Operator: Aeroclub Ineu

About our IS-28:

The IS-28, build in Romania, is our club doubleseater. We use it for training, passenger, leisure, cross country and aerobatic flights. As you can see it’s really a glider for any purpose and perfect for a club. Our B2 is sure one of the best equipped. Like all our gliders it has a Flarm collision avoidance system and a GPS  installed. Every Romanian glider pilot did its training on an IS-28, that makes the glider quite famous all over the country.

Std. Cirrus B

Callsign: D-9094 “IC”
Year of Construction: 1975
Seats: Pilot
Wingspan: 15,00m / 16,00m
Glide Ratio: 1:36 / 1:38
Owner: Patrick Puskeiler

About the Std. Cirrus:

This Standard Cirrus B is planned to be ready for 2023 season. We are looking forward to have such a good glider in the fleet of the club! Until then it will be repainted, modern avionics will be installed and it will find its new home in a good trailer.

Discus b

Callsign: D-9095 “ID”
Year of Construction: 1985
Seats: Pilot
Wingspan: 15,00m
Glide Ratio: 1:41
Owner: Patrick Puskeiler

About the Discus:

The Discus is one of the best club gliders in Romania. We use it for local leisure flights and for cross country of course. Its performance is perfect for club class on international competitions, so our members will have the chance to participate in those. The Discus is equipped with good and modern avionic, a solid trailer and is in a great shape.

Ka 6 BR-Pe

Callsign: D-3015 “KL3”
Year of Construction: 1958
Seats: Pilot
Wingspan: 15,00m
Glide Ratio: 1:32
Owner: David Nagy Molnar / Patrick Puskeiler

About our Ka 6:

The Ka 6 was one of the best gliders…when it was built. But nowadays it’s still a glider with a great handling and a performance which is outstanding for such an old glider. For our club, it’s the perfect mixture for local flights and some small cross country flights. The glider has also modern instrumentation and a covered trailer, so it’s also ready to take it to some competitions or holidays.

Our airplane

MS 894 A “Rallye Minerva”

Callsign: D-EAHL
Year of Construction: 1971
Seats: Pilot + 3
Wingspan: 9,61m
Cruising Speed: 105kts
Engine: 220HP Franklin 6A-350-C
Owner: Private
Operator: Aeroclub Ineu

About the Morane:

We are proud that we could get the money together for a own towplane for the club. After some seasons of towing with our Rallye 180TS we decided that we might need some more power to be able to tow up guests with heavier glider, who are coming to our airfield. We were lucky to find this MS 894 in Austria 2019. With its 220HP engine it gives us all reserves for safe towing operations. Beside towing the plane is also used for passenger flights or leisure flights by our members.

Private gliders and airplanes of our members

Airplanes and gliders formerly used by our club